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The advocacy committee is committee to increasing awareness and efforts amongst our student body. We host an annual American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) to promote student membership in advocating for the future of our profession. 


A creative perspective to life as a dental student. Our blog keeps all of us informed on what is going on amongst our ASDA student body. At the same time our members share interesting stories while keeping us informed and engaged with upcoming events and opportunities to participate.

Community Outreach 

The Community Outreach committee engages students with the communities they serve, both through dental service and education and general community service. The more we engage with our communities, the more we understand how our practices can support those residents.


D1 Enrichment

This committee is designed to make the D1s’ transition into Case SoDM as smooth as possible! Holding this position will allow you to plan events that coincide with the D1 curriculum. Past events have included lab events (waxing tutorials, impression bootcamp, etc.) and D1/D2 sibling matches. 


D2 Enrichment 

This committee is designed to help D2s with tricks and tips to get through their didactic & lab work. Past events have included providing breakfast before exams as well as lab sessions before denture competencies, etc. 


Educational Series/Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn committee is the backbone of lunchtime seminars brought to us by a multitude of sponsors. Our team coordinates with company representatives and ensures each event goes off without a hitch, and every attendee is well fed during the seminar.


The Fundraising committee is a large part of the success of our chapter. It is important for us to be able to support our members and provide meaningful and informative events for them! Through working with sponsors this committee helps social event planning coordinate fun events for dental students without breaking the bank! 

Health & Wellness 

Dental school is HARD! Physically, emotionally, and mentally. The Health & Wellness committee’s goal is to host intentional events that help us connect with ourselves and our classmates. At the same time providing a little extra encouragement to stay active amidst our busy schedules.



Our Chapter's newsletter is dedicated to providing concise, interactive information to all the students about the happenings during the year. It is a unique opportunity to communicate with students and connect with the writer in you!



Being in the pre-dental committee, you get to create FUN events for ASDA Pre-Dental day and help aspiring pre-dents in their preparation for dental school by answering their questions through webinars, visiting colleges, and providing mentorship. 

Professional Development 

This committee is a brand-new addition to our chapter. This committee is designed to create opportunities to expand on our knowledge we get in the classroom and clinic. We will seek to bring in speakers that highlight advancements in the field. 


Social Event Planning 

The social event planning committee is responsible for planning and coordinating events to help bring our dental community closer together outside of the classroom. Past events include big ones like faculty bartending, pumpkin carving and movie nights.


Social Media 

The Social Media committee seeks to engage dental students, pre-dental students, alumni and faculty alike, most commonly through our social platforms of Instagram and Facebook. Our committee creates inspiring, original content to share our experiences within Case ASDA. 

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